EVENTS: November 2019 workshops for Piano Teachers

November 2019 Workshops for piano teachers

Garageband Workshops:

Workshop A: GarageBand (Beginner)
Presenter: Julia Wee
Date: 8 November
Last date to register: 6 November

This is a 2 hour hands-on introductory session for the complete beginner to GarageBand.

Attendees will be walked through the main features of the app and will have the opportunity to incorporate the various components in a guided sequencing of a short melody into a simple but complete orchestrated arrangement.

The main focus of this GarageBand 101 session is to familiarise and equip attendees with basic know-how of the app to create arrangements for music teaching purposes, or even for personal development of music creativity.


1.       iPhone or iPad with pre-installed GarageBand app including its    Sound Libraries.
2.       A pair of earphones ( for non-Apple earpieces, please ensure functionality with the devices you intend to use ).

Workshop  B: GarageBand (Intermediate)
Presenter: Julia Wee
Date: 22 November
Last Date to register: 20 November

This is a 2 hour hands-on session following up from Workshop A or for those with some prior knowledge of GarageBand.

The main focus is the musical incorporation of GB features towards higher quality arrangements through a guided project. Attendees will also be given opportunity to flex their creativity in creating an accompaniment track for a technical exercise for music instruments.

More ‘advanced’ features of GB will be introduced during this session, as well as it’s educational features for music education.

The session’s objective is greater competency in the usage of GB  so as to unleash the creativity and imagination of the attendees as well as maximising GB’s potential that benefits both educators and students.


1.       iPhone or iPad with pre-installed GarageBand app including its    Sound Libraries.
2.       A pair of earphones ( for non-Apple earpieces, please ensure functionality with the devices you intend to use ).

Pedalling Workshop:

Workshop: Advance Pedalling for Teachers
Presenter: Dorothy Chia
Date: 15 November
Last date to register: 13 November

This course is suitable for advance students especially those taking the diploma exams as well as piano teachers. Dorothy Chia will demonstrate the different pedalling techniques available on the grand piano and its application on advanced piano music. She will be drawing examples from the book, 'Artistic Pedal Technique' by Katherine Faricy. Dorothy studied Piano Performance under Katherine Faricy for her Bachelor of Music degree. Dorothy will demonstrate pedalling techniques used for different piano styles and periods.


FEES: $180
5% Discount given to past attendees of the "Music Industry Veterans Sharing Workshop".

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Presenter's Biography

Trained on the Electone in Yamaha Music School, Julia joined Yamaha’s teaching staff after obtaining the Yamaha Grade 3 Teaching and the Trinity Licentiate certifications, working there from 1980~1996.

Thereafter, she became one of the core team founders of MusicTec Pte Ltd, which sought to incorporate technology in its music education programs offered to MOE schools. MusicTEC gave her exposure to music software such as Cakewalk, GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Finale and Sibelius, which led to music sequencing, transcription, music type-setting and charting for bands.

Dorothy holds a Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1992). She is the 1992 winner of the Baldwin Fellowship given out to participants from the whole of USA who demonstrate excellence in piano teaching. She is the author of Piano Pedagogy: The Questions & The Answers, a piano textbook for piano teachers wishing to prepare for the piano teaching diplomas. And, Theory Explorer books 1 & 2, a music theory book for beginners aged 4-6.
Dorothy's business Forte Music Training, aspires to bring piano lessons up to the next level by offering training courses for piano teachers in Singapore and Asia, private 1-to-1 coaching for teachers, as well as ongoing seminars and workshops.

Here is what teachers say about our past workshops:

"Dorothy's Courses are very well crafted in terms of syllabus, timing and sessions. It was very professionally and calmly conducted."
Miss He

"I'm happy that I attended this seminar as it gave me new ideas on how to better handle my students and how to deliver my lessons effectively. I learned different approaches of teaching based on my student's learning styles. It was also very helpful to learnn from other piano teachers' experiences and points of view. Thank you for organizing this event and please keep me updated for more teacher conferences and seminars in the future."
Miss Jeniva